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FreeFly MoVI Miami - Direction and Operation

M&O are specialized to work with the new cinematic piece of equipment, the Freefly MoVI. The MoVI is simply revolutionary. It's like holding a technocrane head in your hands - able to move in any direction and keep perfectly level. Not only that it has a remote controlled head that can be operated by a 2nd operator. This device can take the place of steadicam, dolly, slider, crane, etc. Its the perfect solution to your shoots. You can even pass it off from one person to another without losing a frame.


Martin and Oscar are not only MoVI tech's or Operators they also are directors and cinematogrpahers. They know how to use the MoVI's unique production value to create innovative shots that can make your project look so much better. A shot that can truly make an audience say "How did they do that shot?!"


If you try the MOVI with M&O on one of your shoots, you'll wonder how you ever shot without it.



- MOVI M10 Stabilizer with Wireless Remote Control Head


- Spektrum DX7s Remote Control


- 4 Lipo FreeFly Batteries w/ Charger


- Wireless Video Monitoring with 2 Receivers - No Lag - 300ft  


- Small HD AC7


- Small HD DP4


- Marshall 5.6 Inch Monitor


- SCORPIO Wireless Follow Focus - No Lag - Better than Bartech


- MOVI Tech



Add Ons


- RED EPIC-X - Setup For MOVI


- Leica Lens Package - 28mm - 35mm - 50mm - 90mm - 135mm


- Kowa Anamorphic Lenses - 40mm - 50mm - 75mm - 100mm


- Panasonic 17 inch Director's Monitor


- ND Filters


- Canon 5D MK II 



Our base Movi Package comes with 1 MoVI Tech who can also act as the Remote Head Operator, Focus Puller, AC or Operator


If required we can also add:


- Director of Photography

- 2nd AC or Operator


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